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Feel Free to Contact us anytime @ +65-9648 5053
Feel Free to Contact us anytime @ +65-9648 5053

Condro 528 NightHawk FlashLight


Condro 528 is a flashlight with mini lamp on the mid body. 

T6 + COB ,optical convex mirror Lens, 3 Functions + mini lantern light , 18650 Rechargable battery ,1000 lumens aluminum alloy body .

Size: 14cm x 3.5cm x 2.4cm .

Net Weight: 128g

USB charging .Can be Telescopic focus

  1. Convex lens sheet: Eagle eye convex lens sheet, good light transmission performance, not easy to damage, strong aluminum  to protect the lens.
  2. Telescopic zoom: the top can be zoomed by stretching up/down , astigmatism-condensation mode, easy to use in different situations;
  3. Battery contacts: Copper-plated cylindrical battery contact design, copper has good electrical conductivity, effectively to prevent poor contact.