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Feel Free to Contact us anytime @ +65-9648 5053
Feel Free to Contact us anytime @ +65-9648 5053

Flashlight KS-706, Black


Flashlight KS-706, Black

Suitable for fishing, Camping & all night Activities.

Tactical Black

T6 + COB, Optical convex Lens

5 Function + Side light COB

1 x 18650 Recharge Battery or 3 x AAA Battery

1000 lumens, Aluminum Alloy Body.

3.7V. , Black Colour. Telescopic focusing.

Weight : 130g .

1.Convex lens sheet: Hawkeye convex lens sheet, good light transmission performance, not easy to damage, strong aluminum to protect the lens.

2.Telescopic zoom: Can be zoomed by stretching Up / down

3.Switch Button : high-quality natural rubber material, anti-skid surface treatment, touch switch to switch on light.

4.Battery contacts: Copper-plated cylindrical battery contact design, copper has good conductivity, effectively.