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Feel Free to Contact us anytime @ +65-9648 5053
Feel Free to Contact us anytime @ +65-9648 5053

Flight Nomex Glove


Military Use

Premium grade leather in the palms and fingers so you can be sure they will not wear use after use. You will find this especially in the double stitched trigger finger patterns. These are built and woven especially for additional grip while you are in the air, with additional cutting locations to prevent unraveling in times where precision is key. Make sure your gloves stay secure with a built in additional elastic gather on the back of the glove to ensure that your glove stays on and stays snug in tactical situations. These gloves come featuring a protective over cuff, form fitting antistatic.

Military Specifications in virtually every detail. Essential equipment for SWAT teams, military units and law enforcement agencies around the world.

  • Built to military specifications
  • Leather palm delivers secure grip

2 Size : M , L