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Feel Free to Contact us anytime @ +65-9648 5053

Hammock Army, Black hammock


Hammock Army, Black Hammock.

Be it hikingcyclingrunning, or spending time on the water, getting after it is often our favorite part of getting outside. But, we’ll confess, sometimes we find kicking back and relaxing at the end of the day most enjoyable. It’s then that you’ll see us reaching into our packs and digging out our hammocks.

They’re lightweight, easy to pack, and comfortable for catnaps and overnight slumbers—ideal additions to your kit for nearly every adventure.  That will elevate your camping, lounging, and sleeping.

 Companies make both one- and two-person hammocks and hammock tents. Whichever you pick should be able to safely hold you and any gear you stash inside and large enough to comfortably lie within. A single hammock is a fine choice for many, but double hammocks are also popular. They provide more room and a greater weight limit, a boon if you’re having fun with a group or when you’re backpacking with lots of gear to store. Just know that for actually sleeping two people, double hammocks will probably still feel cramped.

Ultralight adventurers should also consider the weight and compactness of a hammock. Lastly, make sure to use a tree-friendly suspension system with webbing straps that are at least one-inch wide that keep from biting into the bark