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All product listings are in Singapore Dollars. We ship worldwide. WhatsApp us at +65-9648 5053 for enquiries.
All product listings are in Singapore Dollars. We ship worldwide. WhatsApp us at +65-9648 5053 for enquiries.

Water Bladder for Pouches, 1.5L

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 Water Bladder for Pouches, 1.5L

Good Quality, Best for Military Army use, Cycling use, Camping,Fishing and all outdoor


Weight: 229.4 g

 It can be used with a water bag waist Pouches.

It has a high-quality sealing performance design

There is a gasket in the cover to prevent water leakage.

High-quality PVC soft water pipe, length 100CM.

The mouthpiece is equipped with a special dust cover to protect the cleanliness of the mouthpiece.

It is suitable for drinking water at room temperature, but not for beverages and hot water. It can effectively alleviate that the water in the tube will not freeze under low temperature conditions, resulting in inability to drink.

. Environmental protection product, bag body made of TPU, PVC drinking water pipe.

. The bag body is translucent and printed with volume scale. Attached with lugs can be used with back hanging. Foldable collection, easy to carry. The comprehensive usability is excellent. 4. Super large water inlet, the inner diameter of the water inlet is up to 100mm. In addition to the function of easily putting ice cubes, you can reach into the bag body to clean the inside of the water bag, and you can easily grab the bag body and turn it over to thoroughly clean the water bag. In special cases, you can also load valuables such as mobile phones. 5. With imported 100cm high elastic soft water pipe (standard length 100cm) and new water stop switch, the design of the suction pipe can free your hands when drinking water, which is convenient for continuous exercise, cycling, etc.

It is suitable for use in various outdoor activities. It is suitable for use in a backpack. You cannot drink it all at once during exercise, because drinking a large amount of water instantly can easily cause a huge burden on the heart. Scientific research has found that a healthy way to replenish water during exercise is to replenish 100 ml of water every 15-20 minutes. If you use a traditional water bottle to fill the water, it is difficult to guarantee this frequency. The water bag is equipped with a 100CM long soft drinking tube, which can be used to drink water even in a backpack. It can replenish a small amount of water in a timely manner. It provides outdoor athletes with convenient drinking water. A small amount of drinking water becomes easy. Disassembly, cleaning, assembly, maintenance 1. Disassembly: Soak the water bag with hot water, and remove all accessories after the water pipe set becomes soft. 2. Cleaning: There are special cleaning brushes for the bag body and the water pipe. Add cleaning liquid to scrub and rinse with clean water. 3. Storage: Store upside down to dry.