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All product listings are in Singapore Dollars. We ship worldwide. WhatsApp us at +65-9648 5053 for enquiries.
All product listings are in Singapore Dollars. We ship worldwide. WhatsApp us at +65-9648 5053 for enquiries.

Waterproof Outdoor Flintstone Sticks , Black.

Original price $6.50 - Original price $6.50
Original price
$6.50 - $6.50
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Product Description

Name; CNC process waterproof flint/rod with tungsten steel scraper


Spot colours: black, army green and orange

Dimension is 9.8cm x 1cm

Net weight: 25 grams

Gross weight: 30 grams

Packaging: PP bag

The main material is 6061 lightweight aluminium alloy, solid aluminium rod CNC WEDM integrated system [CNC processing is the high cost of each process]. It is not a casting or other metal forming process. Super hardness can also instantly turn your lighter rod into an attack cone for defensive purposes. Surface oxidation treatment, a variety of color systems can be selected. Speaking of oxidation, many customers only know this process for beauty, but more importantly, it is to prevent scratch and make the original material more solid and enhance the ability of rust prevention. There will certainly be scrap products in the oxidation process, just like the stainless steel knife cards with one dollar on the market can be sold several pieces after oxidation, because in addition to the high cost of the defective products behind.

This lighter rod has a unique design, that is, "Magnesium bar" can be replaced, rotary exchangeable interface [this spare parts we can sometimes process a batch for customers to make tonics replacement, can be screwed down], because any one of the magnesium bar scraped about 1,000 times, wear and tear will almost be discarded, it is impossible to keep the shell as a waterproof tank commemoration.

How to use the lighter rod? Open the sleeve, tighten the magnesium rod, scrape the surface coating of the magnesium strip with the sharp tungsten steel alloy sheet on the top of the lighter rod. The ignition material is very important, such as fluffy shredded paper towels, cotton balls, dry wood chips, leaves, weeds and other flammable materials. In the windless corner, scrape the magnesium bar with a little vigor and speed, and the fire will splash all over your ignition. [If you're smart, scrape the powder off the magnesium bars and spray it on combustibles, which makes it easier to catch fire. Another wiser idea is to get some petrol or alcohol and remember to be safe once you scrape it]. Compared with the original version, EDC made magnesium bars are more efficient at firing, and Mars is more plentiful.